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Arlene Kaminski
Vocals, songwriter, minimalist percussionist 

Favorite Quote - 
"Don't look back, something might be gaining on you."

When not indulging her musical muse, Arlene is interested in Art and architecture.  She may also be found swimming, doing Yoga, or rock climbing.  Former member of the  Tampa Bay area  Women's Blues Revue.

Favorite Movie - 'Brazil'
Favorite Food - Indian and Thai cuisine
Favorite Time of Day - Anytime
Favorite Book - "Radical Honesty" by Dr. Brad Blanton
Influences - Mom & Dad, Ben & Dan, Aunt Jo
Other Influences - Daily living, Linda Rondstadt, Tina Turner, Mick Jagger, Robert Orth, and Helmut Senchanect

Andrew Thane Sway (Doc)


"What!? I thought you said this was a country bar!"


 A real renaissance man.  Check out his website at http://www.mysite.verizon.net/asway/index.htm.

Bill Bland

Drums and Vocals

Favorite Quote - 
"This is the big time and we are professionals!"

Bill was born in Nashville, Tennessee.  That not withstanding, he decided the Rock and Roll, Blues, and Jazz were more his cup of tea than singing songs about "the day my dog left me in the rain before the train pulled into town to take me the state pen" type of music.

Bill's mom encouraged his interest in playing drums (much to the consternation of his father). 

Bill has toured both the United States, Mexico, and Europe, with occasional excursions to the sub-continent.

Bill's favorite color is green... or blue... or purple... depending on his mood.

Favorite Movies - Pretty much anything on film.
Interests - Antiques, muscle cars, cooking, home repair, and beer.
Influences - Family, Friends, Teachers, Monty Python, and The Bannisters. 

Bass, vocals

(Photographed by PitBull-Cam)

Favorite Quote - 
"Wherever you go, there you are"

As an escapee from Corporate America, Kevin works out by indulging in his favorite past time, climbing (into and out of bed).  He also holds the coveted title of "Mr.Fantasy Football 2003". Check out how he beat out thousands of entrants at www.sportsbuff.com.

Favorite Movie - Bladerunner
Favorite Food - Indian cuisine (all food really)
Favorite Time of Day - Quittin' time
Favorite Book - "JOB: A comedy of Justice" by Robert Heinlein
Influences - Just about any music genre and culture.
Bass Heroes: Tony Levin, Jeff Berlin 

Barbara Clark
Acoustic and Electronic Percussion

Favorite Quote - 
Seen it all, done it all, can't remember most of it.

Barbara was born in Libertyville, Illinois, mere minutes from Chicago where the sounds of the Blues called to her... "Barbara, play the Blues".  She harkened to the call until she realized that she had to stop listening to those voices in her head.

At a young age, she began to develop a love of music, rocking chairs, tea, and chocolate.  This combination has made her what she is today.

Favorite films - Willow, Free Willy, Willie Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
Favorite Color - Purple
Influences - Ten years of Catholic school. 
Musical Influences - Al Stewart, Evelyn "Champagne" King, Desi Arnez


Frank Frank Shimer, noun.
Lead Guitar and Vocals

1. Unusual life form originating from Queens, NY. 
2. Mentally disjointed figure in classical mythology. 
3. Guitarist for Lost Marbles.



Frank has led an interesting life.  From his pursuit of a career as an NFL quarterback, to his failed attempt to climb Mt. Rushmore, adventure was never in short supply.  But, had he never discovered the guitar, a critical piece of the puzzle would still be missing. 

At age 6, Frank decided he wanted to learn the drums.  So his mom, being a caring yet practical woman, bought him a guitar.  Over the  years, he dreamed of following in the footsteps of great musicians like Neil Diamond and Sha Na Na.  Then, at age 12, he realized how lame his taste in music had become, so he started listening to Van Halen, Kiss, Black Sabbath, and Rush.  Now he had direction! 

From the stint with his first band, "New Night Train" at age 9 (and their hit single "New Night Train"), he knew his destiny: to join a band that played more than a single song.  Dozens of bands followed, but none compare with his time spent with Lost Marbles.

His musical influences include Edward Van Halen, John Petrucci (Dream Theater), Steve Vai and "Wierd Al" Yankovich.  His personal influences include his Mom, his wife Noelle, and his son Jason. 

Frank exclusively plays Gibson guitars, except when he plays guitars by Kramer, G&L, and Fender.  Oh, and sometimes Yamaha and Ibanez.


Guitarist Emeritus

Ruben Ruben Rey

Lead Guitar and Vocals




A classic rock and roll pirate influenced by the best of early rock,psychedelia,blues and R&B. 
Visit his website at  www.myspace.com/rubensundercover.

Tim Tim Jay
Lead Guitar and Vocals

Favorite Quote - 
"You can't leave...all the plants will die." - Bill Murray, "Stripes"

Tim spent all of his childhood as a military brat, attending as many as 9 different schools by the time he was 14.  After nearly 7 years in Germany, his dad finally settled in Biloxi, Mississippi for a 3 year stay (something they call a "miracle" in the military), where Tim discovered how much he enjoyed reading and playing music. 

Once he figured out how to tune a guitar and play a "C" chord, he was hooked.  Although his influences were of late 70's rock, he loved to play everything from Glen Miller to AC/DC...it didn't matter, as long as it was music.  He played in 3 different band classes in high school: symphonic and marching bands, where he played the baritone/euphonium (a small tube-like instrument), and stage/jazz band, where he played the Fender Stratocaster and the Peavey full stack, Baby!.  Mostly a garage musician, he joined up with some high school friends and they jammed nearly every weekend in a park, in a small gazebo, on the back bayou of Biloxi, Mississippi.  The squirrels, raccoons, and snakes were privy to hours of tunes from Styx, Rush, Van Halen, Doobie Brothers, Ted Nugent, and Judas Priest.  They performed their first "concert"...a one-song event at the end of a stage/jazz band "tour" to several junior high schools in the Biloxi area, where they performed "Sultans of Swing", only 1 week after the Dire Straits tune hit the radio airwaves.  Truly, One-Hit-Wonders (okay, so it was a cover tune), the next 20+ years involved "life" (getting married, having kids, working, raising a family, getting divorced, getting re-married, etc.)

After nearly 25 years of building callouses on the fingers of his left hand, he auditioned for Lost Marbles and when he won the job....after auditioning a second time.....nearly a year later (they are a very strict and picky bunch of musicians)....he was thrilled.  Something must've clicked, because you're reading his bio right now and his fat head has gotten even fatter from all of the attention.  So, what you see in the picture is Tim at the young, influencial age of 16.  He's the same guy today....just much less hair....oh, and a fatter head.

Favorite film - Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail
Favorite Food: Greek (though not because he is half-Greek)
Favorite Time of Day: Anytime, as long as I'm still breathing
Favorite Book: Print is dead...anything made into a movie
Influences: My wife (who keeps inspiring me), my kids (although grown, I still learn from them), my parents (who love me no matter what), and my siblings (even though I don't see them as much as I'd like, they're still in my heart)...oh, and Monty Python, too.
Musical Influences: Anything with a guitar solo, but Steely Dan has to be my top favorite.

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